Project Management



1. Detailed Project Report (DPR) forms the foundation on which the entire superstructure of the project is built – “If it is weak, project cannot weather turbulent times ahead.” Bring out the do’s and don’ts of a good DPR.

2. Explain the following methods of forecasting demand :
(a) Exponential Smoothing
(b) Adaptive Exponential Smoothing
(c) Exponential Smoothing with trend and seasonal data
(d) Double Exponential Smoothing

3. Why do we need different types of cost estimates in projects? Discuss five such estimates. On what factors is their level or degree of accuracy dependent?

4. Why is a Project Management Information System of immense importance in a project? Discuss the objectives of Project Management Information System. In designing a Project Management Information System what parameters are to be spelt out clearly?

5. Explain the importance of “Project Review” in the context of control of a project. What are the elements of controls in projects? How is cybernetics concepts applied to project management?


6. The activities, duration and direct activity costs are given below. The indirect cost is Rs. 3000 per week. Starting from the normal duration obtain the crash cost and duration of the project.

ActivityTime in WeeksCostCost to Expedite
per week
(Cost slope)
1 – 22230003000
2 – 343400050001000
2 – 68860006000—-
3 – 432200035001500
3 – 52220002000—-
4 – 643400050001000
5 – 63340004000—-
6 – 7858000120001333