Logistics Management


1. What are life cycle logistics?
2. Compare and contrast a performance cycle and a link.
3. Explain the considerations should be employed to identify the appropriate customer service measures.
4. What criteria might be applied in order to determine a minimum order quantity?
5. Explain the significance of costing in logistics.
6. Describe the difference between demand and replacement cycle.
7. Explain the merits of distribution information system.
8. What is the logic for considering a warehouse a ‘‘necessary evil’’?


Answer any FOUR questions.
9. Explain the recent developments in logistics management.
10. Discuss the fundamental similarities and difference between procurement, manufacturing support and physical distribution performance cycle as they relate to logistical control.
11. Discuss and illustrate the economic justification for establishing a warehouse.
12. Why does customer service not increase proportionately to increases in total cost when a logistical system is being designed?
13. What is sensitivity analysis? What is its role in system design and analysis?
14. What is SWOT? Why it is required?
15. Explain how diversion and reconsignment can be used to increase logistical efficiency and effectiveness with an example.