June 13, 2020


Hope the below answers clears your queries, if not, please feel free to make a call or request a call back through E-mail.

So, whats the process ?

1. Send us an Email with your Question Papers to Ganesh.solutions37@gmail.com
2. We will reply back to your email with price details.
3. Once the payment is done, we will email the Answer Papers in less than 5 minutes since all the papers are ready with us.

How do I make the Payment ?

You can use Online Payment option to make the quick and easy transaction or also you can make the direct transfer to Account, GPay, PhonePe or PayTM. Kindly email us for the Account details.
Please note that we are not accepting International Payments as of now but soon gonna be.

What’s the guarantee on delivering the papers once the payment is done ?

Well, yeah we understand your genuine concern with lot of online spams that are happening now.
But, we are running this service from more than 5 years now with 1000+ happy customers not just from India but from many countries till now with the great Marks or Percentage. However, you can always call us to clear your doubts before making the payment.

Is there a refund if your answers doesn’t meet my requirement ?

Answer is YES, we will refund your amount if the answers are not satisfactory but we request for an clear explanation via email on why it doesn’t meet your requirement and what exactly you are looking for.
This helps us to get a better version of same answer.

What if my Question Paper is not ready with you ?

In this case, we need some time to deliver the paper and might take upto 24 hours or may be just 1 or 2 hours depending on how many new papers you have.

Can we get a sample answer ?

Yes, we can do that on few cases.

What are the other services you provide ?

Along with Case Study answers, we also provide Project Reports on more than 150+ Specializations for MBA, BMS, GMS and Doctorate Programs or any other courses that needs an Report to submit.

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