Marine Management – Differentiate between product and chemical tanker

  1. Differentiate between product and chemical tanker
  2. Discuss any major survey on board
  3. What is the advantage of high voltage and how it is generated
  4. Differentiate between York Antwerp rules and Hague Visby rules
  5. What is PSSA( particular sensitive sea area) and what is the difference between special area
  6. Explain P&I clubs, reason for such clubs, their liabilities and fund raising
  7. Explain The Term Water Hammer Indicating Possible Effects On The System ?
  8. State With Reasons How Boiler Problems May Be Minimised If No Water Treatment Is Immediately Available And A Steam Supply Must Be Maintained ?
  9. Why Total Reliance Is Placed On Frictional Grip In Conventional Built Up Crankshaft On Main Engine ?
  10. What Are The Problems Associated With Effective Lubrication Of The Liner And Piston Assembly Of A Large Slow Speed Engine ?
  11. Describe The Composition Of A Cylinder Oil Suitable For A Main Engine Operating On Residual Fuel ?
  12. Describe The Investigation And Remedial Action Required If The Engine Fails To Turn On Air ?

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