Business Communication

  1. Write in your own words a definition of the term ‘communication’ and trace its origin
  1. “The lack of upward communication can be disastrous”. Discuss with reference to some examples.
  1. Modern psychologists and management experts have been seriously studying the communication patterns or systems in organizations. What are the basic questions that they are trying to tackle?
  1. “Remember that negotiating is by its nature a compromise process.” Discuss.
  1. Assume you are going to be interviewed for the post of Assistant Manager in a reputed company. What questions do you anticipate? How would you answer them? Write both questions and answers.
  1. Discuss, and write a note on, some of the ways in which service industry builds up cordial customer relations. Give concrete examples, preferably showing how they have benefited you.
  1. Show how offensive style is the greatest barrier to communication. Cite some examples.
  1. In the context of business correspondence, discuss the following.

    a) Courtesy      b) Sincerity      c) positive language  d) persuasion e) ethics

9. You are a wholesaler in gent’s shirt and trousers and have just received an order for a large quantity of popular brand of trousers. You do not have them in stock but can supply another brand that you think is equally good. Write a letter regretting your inability to supply the brand ordered and inducing the customer to buy one you can supply.

10.   Write a note on threat to e-commerce security and firewalls.