Business Communication – Case – Josh Miller is a finance student at a business college

 Case Study 1

Josh Miller is a finance student at a business college. He likes numbers and feels comfortable with order, structure, and right­ or­ wrong answers. As part of the graduation requirements, all students must take classes in speech and writing. Josh becomes nervous about writing reports or giving speeches and doesn’t see the connection between the required class and his finance studies. One of Josh’s biggest stumbling blocks is thinking of topics. He experiences writer’s block and generally delays any project until the last possible minute

Answer the following question.

Q1. What would you suggest to help him see the value of speaking and writing well?

Q2. Give an overview of the case. 



Whether you’re reaching out to customers or confirming details with a trusted staff member, communication is the lifeblood of any business. You already send emails and make phone calls, but you might be surprised at what other kinds of tools are available to help make that communication easy and effective. Project management is hard enough when you’re not dealing with multiple offices and remote works. Collaboration software keeps everybody on the same page by establishing a one­stop destination for assignments, status reports, shared resources and progress tracking. Some popular examples of collaboration software include “Cloud” may be this decade’s technology buzzword, but that doesn’t mean it’s not extremely valuable. Cloud storage saves and stores your files at a remote location so that they’re always available. If the computer crashes, you won’t lose progress. If people are working remotely, on location, or away from the office, they can access the files whenever they need to. Traditional business phone systems are expensive and complex. Some choose to use cell phones instead, but the use of your personal phone can make you seem less professional. A virtual phone system combines the professional feel and robust functions of an old­school phone tree with the flexibility and simplicity of cell phones. There are a number of virtual phone systems out there, including Grasshopper. Internet connectivity makes it possible to contact exponentially wider networks of leads, customers, gurus and workers than ever before… and those contacts don’t just have an address and a phone number. They have email addresses, chat handles, Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds and LinkedIn profiles. Contact management software helps you keep it all straight, reminds you when you’re “due” to reach out to key contacts and streamlines the process of keeping in touch. Depending on your precise needs, and are different, but effective, contact management options. Yes, you can do everything you need with a regular cell phone, or even without one. Businesses did it for centuries. But the calendaring, text messaging and note taking apps that come standard with every phone will streamline how your office communicates. It’s why so many businesses buy smart phones or tablets for their employees. Obviously, these are just some of the communication tools that can boost your business and streamline your efforts.

Answer the following question.

 Q1. What is collaboration? Give examples of collaboration software.

 Q2. Give an overview of the case


Case Study 3

As manager of a new bakery/coffee shop in Green Meadows called ‘Pierre’s Boulanger’, draw up an interesting full page and colorful advertisement to place in the bakery window to invite applications from marketing students for parttime shift work as waiters/waitresses to work in the bakery on Saturdays and Sundays. . In an another case, You are the marketing manager of a shipping company in Greece and you have been researching annual production of tomatoes in Europe for 2012.You have looked at the statistics for the six major tomato producing countries and found that their annual production in metric tons is as follows: Spain –3.8 million; Netherlands – 815 000; Poland – 677 000; Italy – 6.0 million; France – 636 000; Greece – 1.2 million.

Answer the following question.

 Q1. Prepare an advertisement towards the requirements of the above marketing positions, information on working hours as well as the application process for interested students

 Q2. Draw a full page, eyecatching and colorful pictograph as a graphic communication device to reflect this information of tomato production in an interesting way. Highlight any aspect in your graph that you think might be particularly important for your own organization.


Case Study 4

The UNC Business Essentials program (an online business communications skills) has been more than beneficial in my everyday life, and its impact played an especially important role in my search for an internship geared toward my future profession. As I searched for different positions within my field of study, one thing stood out to me: The skills I learned from the UBE program thoroughly assisted me in my internship search and even made the process much easier. Several sections in the UBE program, like the business communication section, provided me with the business skills necessary to contact, email and communicate with employers in a professional tone. Before obtaining these skills, I was less confident in the way I reached out and spoke to employers about internships. Now, I feel that I have the same amount of business communication skills that students majoring in business also have. These skills not only put me at an advantage, but also thoroughly impressed employers and helped me to be considered for several internship positions. Applying for internships and jobs in the future is no longer an added stress because I know how to properly fill out applications, create cover letters and communicate with employers in a professional manner. One added benefit of the UBE program is that I can include my online business certificate on my resume. Many employers have asked me about the UNC Business Essentials certificate in interviews and thought the UBE program is a great distinction to have.

Answer the following question.

 Q1. What are the advantages of online business communications skills? Explain.

 Q2. Give an overview of the case.