Quantitative Methods – All quantitative techniques have hardly any real-life applications


  1. “All quantitative techniques have hardly any real-life applications.” Do you agree with the statement? Discuss


  1. A company makes two kinds of leather belts. Belt A is a high quality belt, and belt B is of lower quality. The respective profits are Rs 20 and Rs 15 per belt. Each belt of type A requires twice as much time as belt of type B, and if all belts were of type B, the company could make 1,000 per day. The supply of leather is sufficient for only 800 belts per day (both A and B combined). Belt A requires a fancy buckle, and only 400 per day are available. There are only 700 buckles a day available for belt B. What should be the daily production of each type of belts to maximize profit. Use simplex method.