Quantitative Techniques – Case – Since 9/11•terrorism has cased threat attacks


Case Studies

Since 9/11•terrorism has cased threat attacks which have drawn the attention of political and media world. The US had to launch. A ‘war on terror’ and applied a range of counteract terrorism safety measures towards aviation, public transportation, ports, borders, public Hermie places, etc. While these steps may show cheap course of action by government and security services, it is quite expensive. According to the calculations done by Mueller and Stewart (2011), the expenditure of US homeland and security has gone over 1.1 trillion dollars, which includes federal, state and domestic government, and private sector, and also the cost of opportunity. The Iraq an Afghanistan wars have added 1.2 trillion dollars to this expenditure. The expenditure of federal, state and local US government on home ground security has been estimated to 75 billion dollars more than the last levels of 2001. It is seen that US is not the only country to be in these high level of expenses, even though no other country can match its per capita or GDP expenditure. For example, increased expenditure• on homeland security in UK, Canada and Australia is nearly one half to one quarter of US expenditure per capita or GDP.