Sales Management

Q. 1) Define the term Sales Management. Also explain functions of sales management in detail.. quoting suitable examples.

Q. 2) Discuss various activities involved in Soles force management.

Q. 3) Illustrate need for Sales Organization. Also explain various types of Sales organization structures.

Q. 4) Explain in detail functions and qualities of an “Effective sales executive”.

Q. 5) What is “Sales forecasting”? Explain its importance. Also explain various methods of “Sales forecasting”.

Q. 6) “Success of sales department largely depends on the motivation level of sales force.” Elaborate this statement and also suggest motivating techniques for FMCG product sales person.

Q. 7) Write short notes: (Any Two)

(a) Sales presentation
(b) Value added selling
(c) Sales budget
(d) Prospecting