Organization Behaviour – What is the difference between programmed and non-programmed decisions


1. What is the difference between programmed and non-programmed decisions? [16]

2.  What is the managerial grid? Contrast its approach to leadership with the approach of the Ohio state and Michigan groups.

3. Name the describe briefly the five different patterns of communication networks within an organization.

4. What is the main function of “Effective listening”? What are the common organizational situations in which this technique might be useful?

5. Compare and contrast the features of the formal and informal organization.

6. How do the type A behaviour pattern, personality hardiness and self-reliance moderate the relationship between stress and strain?

7. What are the limitations on behaviour modification? Is there any type of behaviour that cannot be changed? If so, give reasons and examples.

8. Describe the difference between “Motivators” and “hygiene” in Herzberg’s two-factor theory.

9. Personality involves both common and unique characteristics. It is partially inborn and partially acquired. Comment.