OPERATION MANAGEMENT – How would operations strategy for a service industry be different

Attempt Only Eight Question:-

1.            How would operations strategy for a service industry be different if any from that for a manufacturing industry ?  (Its an example & explain)

2.            Consider the following two mutually exclusive projects.  The net cash flows are given below:

0–  Rs. 1,00,000– Rs. 1,00,000/-
1+ Rs. 30,000+ Rs. 15,000/-
2+ Rs. 35,000+ Rs. 17,500/-
3+ Rs. 40,000+ Rs. 20,000/-
4+ Rs. 45,000+ Rs. 22,500/-
5 + Rs. 25,000/-
6 + Rs. 27,500/-
7 + Rs. 30,000/-
8 + Rs. 32,500/-

If the desired rate of return is 10% which project should be chosen?

3.            What are the levels of aggregation in forecasting for a manufacturing organization?  How should this hierarchy of forecasts be linked and used ?

4.            How would forecasting be useful for operations in a BPO (Business processes outsourcing) unit ?  What factors may be important for this industry ?  Discuss .

5.            A good work study should be followed by good supervision for getting good results.  Explain with an example.

6.            What is job evaluation ?  Can it be alternatively used as job ranking ?  How does one ensure that job evaluation evaluates the job and not the man ?  Explain with examples ?

7.            What is the impact of technology on jobs ?  What are the similarities between job enlargement  & job rotation ?  Discuss the importance of training in the content of job redesign ?  Explain with examples ?

8.            What is an internet connectivity ?  How is it important in to days business would with respect to materials requirement planning & purchasing.  Explain with examples ?

9.            Would a project management organization be different from an organization for regular manufacturing in what ways.  Examples.

10.          How project evaluation different from project appraisal?  Explain with examples.