Marketing Management – Define marketing. Discuss in detail the evolution

Marketing Management


Answer any THREE out of Six.

1 )   Define marketing. Discuss in detail the evolution of different concepts of marketing.

2)    What do you understand by the term marketing strategy?

3 )   Explain how marketing strategy differs in case of consumer goods and industrial goods.

4)    What is meant by Buyer Behavior? Bring out the social factors influencing buyer behavior.

5)    State the qualities of a goods advertisement.

6)    What are the advantages of training the salesman?


Answer any FOUR out of Seven.

1)    Explain stages in product life cycle.

2)    Explain importance of market segmentation.

3)    What are the factors affecting pricing and explain them?

4)    What are the sources of recruiting the salesman?

5)    Explain factors to be considered while pricing a new product.

6)    Explain concept of branding and point out its significance.

7 )   What are the different modes of transport? How is transport important in marketing?