International Finance Management

International Financial Management

Q1. Are interest rate swaps popular ? Elucidate.

Q2. Explain the characteristics of GDRs and how they are priced ?

Q3. Explain the criteria for assessing country risk by Euromoney and Institutional investor.

Q4. Elucidate the various techniques to optimize cash inflows. Explain any two with examples.

Q5. Discuss the “pecking order” of financing as given by Donaldson.

Q6. Why are forward contracts popular ?

Q7. Why do we classify futures and options as derivatives ? Elucidate.

Q8. What are the goals and functions of the World Bank, the IDA and IFC ?



  1. Explain the possible reasons for growth in international business
  2. What risks confront dealers in the foreign Exchange Market? How can they cope with those Risks?
  3. Why do companies go in for interest rate swaps? Give The advantages of Interest rate swaps.
  4. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of GDRs
  5. What do you understand by the term,’ Inter-national Cash Management’ ? Briefly elucidate its objectives.
  6. What are the advantages and Disadvantages of joint ventures
  7. Differentiate between Transaction and economic exposure?
  8. Discuss the market imperfections for derivatives that characterize the Indian Markets.




Q.1) What is exchange rate determination and forecasting?

Q.2) Explain financial management in a global context.

Q.3) Explain in detail:

  1. Accounting implications of international activities
  2. Tax implications of international activities

Q.4) What is forwards, swaps and interest Parity?

Q.5) Explain short-term financial management in a multinational corporation.

Q.6) Explain long-term borrowing in the global capital markets.

Q.7) What are different currency options?

Q.8) Explain currency and interest rate futures.

Q.9) Write a detailed note on the foreign exchange market in India

Q.10) What is balance of payments?