Human Resource Management – Explain the importance of Human Resource Management

 Attempt any Ten questions

1.       Explain the importance of Human Resource Management

2.       Explain the importance of Training and Development.

3.       What are the strategic aspects in International HRM

4.       Define human resource management. How is the work of human resource managers similar to that of physicians who must conduct a diagnosis before treating a patient?

5.        Explain the role of HR manager in an organization

6.       Discuss with a sketch the human resource management process in an organization.

7.       (a) Write short notes on:
                 (i) Strategic HRM
                  (ii) Challenges faced by an HR manager

(b) Explain the importance of aligning the HRM function with overall business strategy.

(c) Compare traditional and modern human resource management.

8.       (a) Explain the need for job training. What are the different methods of training? How can we evaluate the effectiveness of a training program?

 (b) What are the different methods of performance appraisal?

9.       Explain the managerial functions  of a human resource  manager

10.     Describe the various step involved in selection process.

11.     Explain the features, scope and functions of Human Resource Management.

12.     a) What is human resource planning. What are the objectives of human resource planning?
(b) Write short notes on
              (i) Job analysis
             (ii) Job description
             (iii) Man power estimation

(c) Explain the need for retention of employees.