Human Resource Management – Define the term Human Resource Management


Q.1) Define the term Human Resource Management. State its objectives and

What the challenges of HRM in today’s scenario?

(A) Explain Process of Human Resource Planning.

(B) What are the various Sources of Recruitment?

(A) Explain need and importance of Training.

(B) What are the different methods of Training Programme?

What is Performance Appraisal? Explain its various methods.

(A) Define Exit Policy and also state its procedure.

(B) Explain effects of Excess Manpower on an Organisation.

(A) Explain Concept of Absenteeism. What are the various Causes of

Labour Absenteeism?

(B) State various effects of Labour Absenteeism on Labour Turnover.

Write short notes: (Any Four)

(a) Role of HR Manager

(b) Personnel Audit

(c) Dismissal

(d) Significance of Record

(e) Transfer Policy

(f) HR Accounting

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