Customer Relation Management – Electronics market is a booming market, for a given product


1)     Electronics market is a booming market, for a given product there are many manufacturers having different features in their respective products. A customer, who does not have knowledge of intricate features at electronic products and practical significance as features, may choose wrong product. How this situation is effectively addressed? What principle of CRM is implemented here & how?


2)     The difference between physically going to book store & e- shopping is use of a website as a link between buyer & seller. How this link is made secure & trustworthy by How does this issue of trustworthiness affect popularity of company? What steps are taken for customer retention!


3)     Practically thousands of products, costing & features are advertised on These products are viewed, judged & compared by customers from all over the globe. How is it ensured that every customer gets a personalized experience of shopping? Does the difference in cultures of customers from different countries affect policy of marketing?


4)     How is effective marketing achieved at minimum cost? What special effort is taken to meet expectations of customers? Are the strategies of company affected by global experts? How is why?


5)     Enlist the types of problems arising during the process of e-shopping. How are customers involved in identifying & solving them? Won’t it be enough to appoint a expert team to do this & rely on their judgment. After all, expert opinion is always sought by a company while formulating strategies. How transparently is this done?


6)     Customers are, in most of cases, unaware of installing method of electronic products. Trouble shooting too, is a major part of past order follows up. If, customers are from far distant areas & states, how is all this done with minimum cost? How is CRM relevant in this contest?