Corporate Law – Void Contracts and Void able Contracts

Q1) Write short notes (any two)

  1. Void Contracts and Void able Contracts 
  2. Standard Terms and Freedom of Contract
  3. Banking Law
  4. Negotiable Instruments

Q2) Explain the procedure of Incorporation of Companies, issuance of Prospectus and Rising of Capital?


Q3) Explain the law of Contract and discuss the term Offer, Acceptance and Agreement?


Q4) Discuss the Fundamental Rights of the Business?


Q5) Discuss the aims and objectives Indian Sale of Goods Act, 1930?


Q6) What is the Intellectual Property Rights Law. Discuss its relevance to liberalization and Globalization?


Q7) What is the aims and objectives of the Standards of Weights and Measures Act, 1976?


Q8) Discuss in brief the Consumer Protection Act 198?