Corporate Law – Define consideration


Section A

1. Define consideration.

2. What do you mean by an “agreement”?

3. What are quasi contracts?

4. What is the contract of sale?

5. Write a note on agency by holding out.

6. Define the term limited liability.

7. What is a private company?

8. Explain the functions of a promoter.

9. What do you mean by authorized capital?

10. What is meant by winding up of a company?

11. What is the meaning of quorum?

12. Write a note on statutory meeting.

Section B 

13. What is an offer? State the rules of a valid offer.

14. Discuss the various types of consideration.

15. Explain the essential elements of agency.

16. Distinguish between sale and agreement to sell.

17. Write the differences between company and partnership.

18. Define proxy. Discuss the provisions relating to proxies.

19. Write a note on “Issue of share at discount”.

20. Write a note on Annual General meeting.

Section C

21. What are the remedies for breach of contract?

22. Explain the duties and rights of an agent.

23. What are the clauses to be stated in the memorandum of association? Can the capital clauses be altered? If yes, how?

24. Explain the different modes of winding up of a joint stock company.