Managerial Economics

CASE – 1   Power for All: Myth or Reality?

 The power sector in India is undergoing rapid changes especially for the last few years. The Government has promised “Power for All” by 2012. The growth of power sector in India has been consistent. From a humble beginning of 1,700 MW in 1950-51 to 1,18,400 MW in 2004-05, the development of power sector has traveled a long way. There has been quantum rise in thermal power generation in 1970-71, 1980-81 and 1990-91 and greater rise in hydro electric power production since 2000-01. The government is promoting clean source of energy, i.e. hydro electric power. The sectoral outlay for power in successive five year plans has consistently been increasing. However, it has increased at a faster rate from sixth five year plan, i.e., 1980-85 onwards.