Business Administration

Case Study – 1

Hindustan Unilever Strategically.

Uniliever is one of the worlds oldest multinational companies.Its origin goes back to the 19th century when a group of companies operating independently, produced soaps & margarine.In 1930, the companies merged to form Unilever that diversified in to food products in 1940s. Through the next 5 decades, it emerged as a major fast-moving consumer goods multinational operating in several business.


Accountancy – ABC Ltd. Produces room coolers

 Q1) ABC Ltd. Produces room coolers. The company is considering whether it should continue to manufacture air circulating fans itself or purchase them from outside. Its annual requirement is 25000 units. An outsider vendor is prepared to supply fans for Rs 285 each. In addition, ABC Ltd will have to incur costs of Rs 1.50 per unit for freight and Rs 10,000 per year for quality inspection, storing etc of the product.


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