Store Management

1. Discuss in details the various functions of Stores Management?

2. Write Short Notes:
A) Ethics in Buying
B) Store Insurance

3. Describe Open & Close Store Systems ? When can it be employed?

4. How does ERP resolve Typical Problems faced by organizations wanting to automate materials management? Describe different reports generated under ERP for use by different functions

5. Describe ABC analysis. How is it used to control inventory. What are different stock levels determined to control inventory? How are they calculated?

6. If proper stores Ledgers are maintained for each material, Bin Cards are not required for stores control. Do you agree? Why?

7. What measures are required to prevent thefts by outsiders? Would you recommend use of stores manual to train stores employees in safety & security? Why?

8. Damage to materials can be avoided by proper segregation of materials in the stores. Explain.

9. What are the requirements for handling, storing and packing materials as issued by international organization for standards under ISO 9000?
10. Who should manage the scale of scrap? Sales manager or purchase manager? Why?