School Management – How is Sports Meet managed



Q.1 – How is Sports Meet managed?

Q.2 – Explain the stages involved to open a school.

Q.3 – Under what circumstances a student can be expelled from the school?

Q.4 – What is Operation Black – Board?

Q.5 – Write a short note on “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.”

Q.6 – What are the main functions of NCERT?

Q.7 – How is society formed?

Q.8 – What is Indian Copyright Law?

Q.9 – How can drug abuse be prevented?

Q.10 – Which five initiatives would you like to take for the up gradation of your school as a Principal?

Q.11 – What are things required for a “Safe School’?

Q.12 – What are terms and conditions to the code of conducts related to the teachers?


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Q.13 It is easy to decide but difficult to open a school. Once Mr. X had big land to open a school. He took to governing the school. He wanted to make the school to the higher secondary level and hence required various sorts of affiliations. Once he sorted the affiliation, he needed the help of various persons to run it. As he knew that the school does not only comprise of land and building but requires the role of different people also. He wanted his school to be organised in a way which was acted under all rules and regulations.

  1. How according to you can school is governed?

  2. What is the role of various persons in the school?

  3. The school has to work under certain acts. What are they?

  4. What kind of infrastructure is required for the school ?

Q.14 Rahul has sent his child Sam, who was 4 years of age, to Kindergarten. Sam was a sharp child but the school was not ready to keep him as the teacher said that he could not sit for a longer period of time and concentrate in the class. The teacher complained that he was a disturbance for the whole class and was not ready to allow him in the class. She proclaimed that the child suffered some mental problem. But Rahul would not hear it for his child. He angrily moved out of the school and completely blamed the teachers of their being inefficient. The Principal somehow told Rahul that his son was suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.

  1. What is Attention Deficit Disorder?

  2. What is e-learning? How is it helpful for children’s life like Sam?

  3. How does multiple intelligences play major role in the learning of the students?

  4. How many categories of Multiple Intelligences are there? Explain.

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