Research Methodology – Discuss Interview as a technique of data collection


Q1. Discuss Interview as a technique of data collection.

Q2. Compare the steps of a qualitative & quantitative research.

Q3. Why is questionnaire still widely used in spite of its limitations? Mention some important points to be kept in mind while constructing a questionnaire.

Q4. Explain different levels of measurement giving appropriate example of each level.

Q5. Explain ‘Data Reduction’ and ‘Data Display’ in Qualitative Research

Q6. Discuss the purpose of ‘Research Design’.

Q7. A manufacturer can sell x items per month at a price of P = 300 – 2x rupees. Producing x items cost the manufacturer y rupees where y = 2x + 1000. How much production will yield maximum profit.

Q8. There are two branches of an establishment employing 200 and 160 persons respectively. If the AMs of the monthly salaries paid by the two branches are rs. 550 and rs. 450 respectively, find AM of the salaries of the employees of the establishment as a whole.