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Question Papers

Brand Management – Case – BURNOL

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Case Study : (Compulsory)


Burnol has been around for six decades as a yellow burns-relief ointment.  It has almost become a generic brand.  Its yellow colour reminds one of turmeric, the traditional burns-relief remedy.

The brand has been recently acquired by Dr. Morepen (a subsidiary of Morepen Laboratories Ltd.) from Reckit Piramal.  The brand has high recall value.  Morepen is the brand’s third owner (Boots is the first, Pirmal second).

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Business Communication – How to ProofRead like a Pro

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How to Proofread like a Pro :

Tips for creating the Perfect Document

You’ve carefully revised and polished your document and it’s been sent off to the word-processing department or a designer to be put into final form.  You can breathe a sigh of relief, but only for the moment : You’ll still be proofreading what comes out of the printer.  To ensure that any document is error-free, always proofread the final version.  Following are some hints to help make your proofreading more effective.

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