Operations Management – Case – A large printing unit uses an average of 40 boxes

 Case Study :

A large printing unit uses an average of 40 boxes of copier paper a day. The office operates 260 days per year. Storage and handling costs for the paper is Rs 30 a year per box, and it costs approximately Rs 60 to order and receive a shipment of paper.


a. What order quantity would minimize the annual ordering and carrying costs?

b. What is the average number of boxes on hand?

c. How many orders per year will there be?

d. Compute the cost of ordering copier paper, the cost of carrying the inventory, and the minimum total cost.

e. How many days are there between orders?


2. Illustrate a production system model for

a. Automobile factory              b.      College or University

3. What are the different Quantitative Forecasting tools? Explain any three.

4. What are the different production processing methods? Illustrate with their layouts.

5. What is aggregate planning? Explain the steps in aggregate planning

6. What are the elements of TQM?

a. Expand and explain AQL, AOQ, AOQL and LTPD.                                            

7. What is a control chart? How is it used in Quality control?

8. What are the objectives of repair program and how is it achieved?

9. What are the various factors that affect Labour Productivity?