Oil and Gas Management – List out the name of six countries producing Crude Oil


1. List out the name of six countries producing Crude Oil. Which country is major producer of Crude Oil?

2. Why distillation operation is considered to be major unit operation in oil refining process?

3. How emission control can be done in Petrochemical Industries.

4. List out any four safety measures to be taken in Petrochemical industry.

5. What are the various characteristics of Crude oil? What are the various constituents and their percentage in crude oil?

6. Why crude oil is called black gold? What are its advantages and disadvantages over other energy sources?

7. What is Hydro cracking? What are the products obtained from this process ?

8. What are the characteristics of waste water produced in refinery?

9. What is the difference between petroleum refinery and petrochemical plant on the basis of various products?

10. What is polymerization? State the 3 methods of Polymerization.

11. What is the principle of reforming? What are the reactions involved in it?

12. Describe thermal cracking process.