Marketing Research – Case – DNA intends to launch Nagpur edition

1. CASE STUDY: (a) DNA intends to launch Nagpur edition. The management is preparing the marketing strategy to decide the demographic and psychographic profile of its targeted readers. Explain the entire research process. What would be the research design that you would suggest and what sampling methods would you use? 


(b) (i) Design a questionnaire for the marketing plan of a luxury car from Maruti to be launched in India. 

(ii) K Serials are gradually losing the TRP ratings. Write a report analyzing the reasons for the same. 

2. Answer any one of the following: – 

(a) Explain in detail what the various projective techniques are.

(b) Explain Branding research. What are the various methods used for Branding Research?

3. Answer any two of the following: – 

a) Various types of Copy test.
b) What are the various product researches?
c) Explain any three physiological rating scales.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following: – 

a) Explorative Research
b) Various types of Surveys
c) Concept Testing
d) Probability method of sampling.

5. Answer any six of the following:-
a) Continuous experiment
b) Unaided recall
c) Halo effect
d) Concept Testing
e) Secondary data
f) Dummy magazine test
g) Sales tests and inquiry tests
h) Focus group
I) Cross-sectional research