Management Information Systems – Explain the importance of IS Models in the present business



  1. Explain the importance of IS Models in the present business.

  2. Explain the various stage of the system development.

  1. Explain how the quality of information improves knowledge and decision making capability of the management.

  2. What are the problems associated with SDLC?

  3. Why is database important in MIS? Explain.

  4. Write an essay about the various in system development.

  5. What is prototyping? Explain the various categories of prototyping.

  6. Explain GDSS in details.

  7. Describe the need for critical success factors.

  8. What do you mean by IS audit? Explain audit process in detail.

  9. Explain the roles played by a system analyst.

  10. What is computer security? Why it is required? Describe the role of password in computer security.



  1. How are the ERP systems helpful to reduce the lead time and improved supplier performance?

  2. Explain briefly how computer-based information systems can enhance Accounting function in a firm..

  3. Briefly explain the procedure and make up of post implementation review. Can one perform maintenance on a system without a post implementation review? Why.

  4. Briefly explain the advantage and disadvantage of ESS in detail.

  5. What are the major uses of information system in the enterprise? Explain sales and marketing information in details.

  6. List out the principles in designing a database? State its advantages and disadvantages.