Management Information System – Explain the sources of information


1. Explain the sources of information.

2. Explain the system development life cycle.

3. Explain how the quality of information improves knowledge and decision making capability of the management.

4. What are major phase in hardware and software selection?

5. Why is database important in MIS? Explain.

6. Give an overview of marketing management information system.

7. Many feasibility studies produce disillusion to users and analysts, do you agree? Explain.

8. Explain the components of Database Management Systems.

9. Describe the elements of a system.

10. Explain the role of various computer input output devices widely used in present day organization.

11. Explain the roles played by a system analyst.

12. Discuss the pitfalls in MIS development.



Answer Any FOUR Questions      

13. Explain how information technology can help a company to be an agile competition with the help of customers and business partner.

14. Explain the role of various computer operating system and computer networks used in present day organization.

15. Briefly explain the procedure and make up of post implementation review. Can one perform maintenance on a system without a post implementation review? Why.

16. What do you mean by system maintenance? Explain corrective and adaptive maintenance.

17. Describe briefly the financial system and highlight the role played by computer in this system.

18. List out the principles in designing a database? State its advantages and disadvantages.