Management Control Systems – Explain the various components of control systems

1. Explain the various components of control systems.

2. Explain the following models and highlight their usefulness in formulating business unit strategies:

(a) The BCG Model
(b) General Electric (GE) Planning Model

3. Explain the boundary conditions in the context of profit centre. Also explain the process of performance measurement of profit centers.

4. What do you understand by Investment Centres? Explain the methods used for measuring investment centre performance.

5. What do you mean by budgetary control system? Explain the process of budgetary control in an organization.

6. Describe the criteria on which the incentives of business unit managers are decided.

7. What are the various special control issues faced by Multi National Corporations?

8. What are the characteristics of a project organization? Explain how these characteristics affect the control system design of a project.

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