Labour Law Management – Define Factory



1. Define Factory.

2. Define child.

3. Define Lay off.

4. Define Lockout.

5. Define Appropriate Government.

6. What are Penalties and Offences?

7. What is Payment of Gratuity?

8. What is the time limit for payment of bonus?

9. What is Amalgamation?

10. Define weekly hours.



1. What is the object of the apprentices Act?

2. Explain the scope of employer’s liability Act, 1938.

3. What are the privileges of a registered trade union?

4. Give the procedure for fixing and devising Minimum wages.

5. State the rules as to employer and employee’s contribution

6. What are the rules as to payment and recovery of contribution by an employer?

7. Under what circumstances, an employee can withdraw the amount credited in his provident fund scheme.

8. What are the steps in dissolution?

9. What are the special provisions in payment of bones Act, 1966?

10. What are the provisions of termination of employment under industrial employment act 1946?



1. Define Gratuity and determine the payment of Gratuity.

2. Explain Adjudication of Disputes and claims.

3. Explain the provisions for leave and various types of leave under industrial employment act.

4.  Industrial Disputer Act 1947 Discuss elaborately.

5. Explain the procedure for the Employment of young person and women annual bear with wages.