Human Resource Management – Write a short note on human element and productivity


Q.1 (a) Write a short note on human element and productivity.

(b) Explain the mass law theory for human need.


(a) Write a short note on X and Y theory of Mc Gregor.

(b) Explain the importance of human resource in industrial environment.


(b) Explain the relation between morale and productivity.



(a) Define job satisfaction. State the factors affecting the job satisfaction.

(b) Explain the style of leadership.


Q.3 (a) Describe the role of the group in the organisation.

(b) Explain the concept of group dynamics. 



(a) Explain the importance of training.

(b) Explain the role of supervisor as a trainer.


4. (a) State five factors affecting decision making.

(b) Write a short note on decision making and goal achievement.



(a) State the factors obstructing change. 

(b) Explain strategies to manage change. 


Q.5 (a) Explain at least three factors of Report.

(b) Explain the objectives of communication.