General Management – Enlist the functions of management

Section – A 

a) Enlist the functions of management.

b) What is a policy?

c) What is the importance of decision – making in management?

d) What are the principles of organizing?

e) What are the merits and demerits of departmentation by function?

f) Differentiate between authority and responsibility.

g) What is the importance of performance appraisal?

h) What are the essentials of effective communication?

i) What is budgeting?

j ) What is the responsibility of business towards employees?


Section – B    

Q2) Discuss the nature and scope of management.

Q3) “Decision – Making is the primary task of management”. Comment upon the statement and discuss the process of decision making.

Q4) what is departmentalization? Explain various types of departmentalization.

Q5) Define decentralization. What are the determinants of effective decentralization?

Q6) Discuss the non-budgetary methods of control.

Q7) Define performance appraisal. Discuss its process