Entrepreneurship – Define the term ‘spontaneous entrepreneur’-



1. Define the term ‘spontaneous entrepreneur’.

2. Define a tiny industry.

3. What do you mean by seed capital?

4. Who is an entrepreneur?

5. State four functions of SISI.

6. What do you mean by industrial clusters?

7. Define the term project report.

8. What do you mean by network analysis?

9. What is venture capital?

10. What is DIC?

11. What do you mean by job rotation?

12. Explain the term ‘business environment’. (5×4=20 Marks)



13. Discuss the need for and importance of project appraisal.

14. What are common errors in project formulation?

15. Discuss the qualities for a successful entrepreneur.

16. Suggest some measures for developing rural entrepreneurship.

17. Explain the different phases of a typical EDP.

18. What factors determine the capital structure of an enterprise?

19. Discuss the role and functions of SIDBI.

20. Discuss the salient features of the new small enterprise Policy.

21. Explain the factors influencing organisational climate.

22. Make a list of the major considerations in the layout of plants.

23. Examine the suitability of small enterprises to the Indian economy.

24. Discuss the specific problems of women entrepreneurs. (8×5=40 Marks)



25. Briefly discuss the factors affecting entrepreneurial growth in a developing economy.

26. Explain the institutional frame work for the promotion of small enterprises in India.

27. What is a project report? Show its contents by preparing a proforma project

28. Discuss the dimensions of a typical project appraisal proposed for small enterprises.

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