Cyber Law Management

Cyber Law Management

Q1. Define Contract and Online Contract. Discuss the various types of Online Contracts and required Terms and Conditions.

Q2. Explain the Necessity of Consumer Protection in Cyber World and Likelihood of Consumer Confusion and give your suggestions to prevent Cyber Squatting.

Q3. Discuss the Principles of Data Protection for Maintaining and Proving Electronic Records.

Q4. State and explain the Digital Signatures, Digital Certificates and R.S.A. algorithms.

Q5. Discuss the role of certifying, governing authorities and the scope of the Government in Regulating

Q6. Give an over view of the information technology act 2000?

Q7. What is digital signature? Explain the procedure for verification of digital signature?

Q8. What is cyber crime? Explain different categories of cyber-crime?


Cyber Law Management

Q1. What is Domain Name? Discuss the management of Domain Names and Legal Principles involved in Domain Name disputes.

Q2. Discuss in detail the International Control and Transnational Data Flow.

Q3. Discuss in detail the Computer System, significance of Computer System and Structural Overview of Computer System.

Q4. What is Computer Networking? Explain various types of Computer Networks, Communication Techniques, Protocols (TCP/IP) and other related aspects.

Q5. Write short notes on Privacy on the Net

Q6. Write short notes on Age of Cyber Crime

Q7. Write short notes on Business on the Net

Q8. Write short notes on Cyber crimes against government