Cyber Law Management – What is copyright? Explain with suitable example


1. What is copyright? Explain with suitable example. What is Trademark? Explain the role of trademark and its usefulness in marketing.

2. Explain the procedure for the registration of domain names. Write a short note on “WIPO Treaty”

3. What are the different types of IP Licensing formats? Explain.

4. What is a need of cyber law and cyber security?

5. Explain cyber jurisprudence.

6. What are the basic principles of patent law?

7. Explain trade-related aspects of IP Rights (TRIPS) in India

8. What are general obligations for enforcement of Intellectual property rights?

9. What does a CA certifying, while issuing the digital signature certificate? Explain

10. A- Write the conditions to apply for digital signature.

      B-What are the functions of the controller of CA?