Business Strategy -Write short notes on any FOUR of the following

Q.1 Write short notes on any FOUR of the following:-

1.Core Competencies and Distinctive Competencies
2.Real value of SWOT analysis
3.Market Development Strategies
4.Vision and Mission
5.Benefits of Strategic Approach
6. Vertical Integration

Q.2 Describe Porter’s five forces model.

Q.3 What is a differentiation strategy? In which circumstances do you think company should adopt such strategies? Explain with relevant examples.

Q.4 (a)What is benchmarking? To what extent is relevant to industry in decline phase?
(b)”Vertical Integration is an outdated strategic approach” Comment.

Q.5 What are various ways to achieve cost advantage and gain cost leadership position?

Q.6 Between the GE Multifactor Matrix & the BCG Matrix, which one do you think is superior tool and why?

Q.7  What strategic options a firm in a corrugated box manufacturing industry could pursue to be successful. (Hint: A corrugated box manufacturing is typically a highly fragmented industry)

Q.8 Would you agree with the following statement? “Tata Nano is the best value for money proposition today in the entry level segment of the light passenger vehicles”. In case you agree or otherwise, please state the reasons.

Q.9 Globalization is the single most important factor, which has affected Cement Industry during the past 3 to 5 years. Do you agree with this statement? Why?

Q.10 Describe Ansoff’s product market expansion matrix and describe various strategic approaches emanating there from.