Business Ethics – Define Business Ethics


1. Answer any ten of the following in about 3-4 lines each: (2×10-20)

a) Define Business Ethics.
b) What is morality?
c) How religion and ethics are related?
d) What is ethical dilemma?

e) Define Corporate Governance.
f) Whar are attitudes?
g) What is the psychological egoism?
h) State the two unethical practices in Software Company?
i) What are tax ratios?
j) List four features of utilitarianism?
k) What is whistle blowing?
l) What is software privacy?


Answer any three of the following. Each question carries 5 marks. (3×5=15)

2. Explain the significance of ethics in business planning and decision making.
3. What are corporate crimes? What are their effects on society?
4. What are the implications of unethical practices on human resource management?
5. What do you mean by classical utilitarianism? Explain its principles.
6. Explain the benefits of good corporate governance.


Answer any three of the following. Each question carries fifteen marks. (3×15=45)

7. Explain the ethical issues involved in managing finance with an objective
of maximizing shareholders wealth rather than shareholders interests.

8. Describe congnitivism and non-congnitivism ethical theories.

9. Explain the impact of corporate governance of Narayana Murthy Committee.

10. Explain the factors influencing ethical environment a service organization.

11. Explain the corporate social responsibility towards the educational institutions.