Business Environment -Explain the relevance of ecological issues to business environment


1. Attempt any four of the following questions:

(a) Explain the relevance of ecological issues to business environment.

(b) Analyze the social responsibility of business towards employees.

(c) State the basic objectives of regulating business.

(d) Describe the basic instruments of fiscal policy in lndia

(e) State various measures for the prevention and settlement of the industrial disputes.

(f) Explain the thrust areas of the new economic policy.


2. Discuss how does the environment acts as a stimulant to business.Analyse why business often does little for physical environment preservation despite the fact that it is significant for business activity.


3. Analyze the fourfold role of the government in business. Also explain in what respects the role of government has been redefined in lndia during the 1990s.


4. “The Industrial Policy of 1991 makes a clear departure from the Industrial Policy of 1956” Comment.


5. Discuss the various forms of foreign capital flows. Do you think entering o{ MNC’s in less developed countries is risky ?


6. Describe the recent export promotion measures of the Government of India.


7. Write short notes on any two of the following:

(a) Political and legal environment of business

(b) Nehru – Mahalanobis strategy of development

(c) Financial reforms in India

(d) Merits of globalisation from the point of view of India’s s economic development

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