Business Environment – Discuss the changing scenario of business environment

  1. Discuss the changing scenario of business environment in India and its principal implications for the business.

  2. (a) Explain the dualistic character of Indian economy and the problem of uneven income distribution.

    (b) Outline the development of consumer movement in India.

  1. (a) Write notes on (i) adjudication machinery for settlement of disputes, and (ii) Employees Pension Scheme, 1995.

    (b) Enumerate the powers of the Central Government to control production, supply and distribution of essential commodities under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955.

  1. Describe the important amendments proposed under the Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2003 and the additions proposed thereto by lrani Panel.

  2. (a) Can SEBI compel a public company to get its securities listed on the stock exchanges while making a public issue? On what grounds can the listed securities be delisted by a stock exchange? State the rules in this regard.

    (b) “The role of stock exchanges in India need not be over – emphasized”. Comment.

  1. Describe the evolution of the concept of corporate governance and outline the various measures adopted in India to ensure good corporate governance.

  2. Make a critical assessment of New Economic Policy keeping in view the long term objectives of economic development.

  3. (a) What are the objectives of EXIM policy 2002 – 07? Explain its main provisions.

    (b) Write an explanatory note on functions and coverage of WTO.

  1. Distinguish between the following:

(a) Micro Environment and Macro Environment

(b) Economic Growth and Economic Development

(c) Money Market and Capital Market

(d) Entrepreneurship, Role and Promotional Role of Government

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