Advertising – Define advertising and explain its role in the modern world


1. (a) Define advertising and explain its role in the modern world. 
(b) What are the reasons for waste in advertising? 

2. (a) How does advertising affect cultural values of the society? 
(b) State the importance of market segmentation. 

3. (a) What are the essentials of good poster? 
(b) Bring out the need for advertising research. 

4. (a) What are the advantages of testing advertising effectiveness? 
(b) Explain the factors determining advertising budget. 

5. (a) State the merits and demerits of direct mail advertising. 
(b) Why is product research essential? 

6. Write short notes on (any four) :- 
(a) Product Life Cycle (d) Good Slogan
(b) Service Advertising (e) Internet advertising
(c) Audit Bureau of Circulation (f) Doordarshan Code

7. (a) Explain the different forms of advertising headlines. 
(b) Distinguish between radio advertising and television advertising. 

8. (a) Describe the different types of customers. 
(b) What are the different buying motives?

9. (a) Explain the functions of an advertising agency. 
(b) State the essentials of a good copy. 

10. (a) What are the different types of layout? 
(b) What is visualization? State the step in visualization. 

11. (a) Discuss the future of advertising in India. 
(b) Critically analyses the criticisms leveled against advertising. 

12. Write short notes on (any four) :- 
(a) Client Turnover (d) T.R.P.
(b) Illustration (e) Brand Name
(c) Media Planning (f) Advertising and Consumer Price