Accounting Management

Accounting Management

Q1. What do you mean by factory overheads ?

Q2. Define cost sheet.

Q3. What is Suspense Account ?

Q4. Discuss in brief the Goals of IFRS.

Q5. Explain the Term GAAP.

Q6. What do you mean by cost accounting ?

Q7. What are the objectives of financial statements ?

Q8. Explain the functions of accounting.


Accounting Management

  1. Explain the process of Accounting.

  2. What do you understand by the term Double Entry system ?

  3. Explain the requirement of depreciation.

  4. Discuss the different methods of calculating depreciation

  5. Discuss the classification of Cash Flow Statement.

  6. Differentiate between Cash Flows Statement and Fund Flow Statement ?

  7. What are the techniques of cost control ?

  8. Define cost sheet.



1.Explain the functions of accounting.

2.What are the various Accounting Principles ?

3.What are the various kinds of subsidiary books maintained ?

4.Explain the various kinds of errors that take place while preparation of the Trial Balance.

5.What are the factors affecting computation of depreciation ?

6.Explain the causes of differences between the cash book and pass book.

7.Explain the methods of preparing the Cash Flow Statements.

8.How Materials Control is organised ?



Advance Accounting

  1. What aspects does the statutory auditor verify with respect to investments held in the names of nominees? Can a company hold investments in names of nominees ? what should the auditor see in this regard?

  2. Write short note on Audit Risk Assessment.

  3. Explain the conclusion and Reporting Stage Of Management Audit.

  4. What are the provisions of Companies Act, When it is desired to appoint an auditor other than the Retiring Auditor? RTP.

  5. Write short note on Cash Reserve Ratio.

  6. What are the conditions / obligations for a member of a stock exchange , both for becoming a member and on becoming a member?

  7. Define Management Audit. Outline the scope of Management Audit.

  8. What are the types of frauds possible in credit sales? How should the auditor proceed to investigate such frauds?


Finance and Economics

Q1. What are the advantages of accounting?

Q2. Advantages & disadvantages of partnership.

Q3. Explain methods of demand forecasting.

Q4. Discuss subsidiary objectives of balance sheet.

Q5. Write a note on Explanation of columns.

Q6. Why cash book is important?

Q7. What is fixed capital & working capital?

Q8. Describe special methods of ARR method.




  1. What Is Meant By Accounting Or Average Rate Of Return? List Its Merits And Demerits.
  2. A Small Iron Mine Purchased For Rs.10,00,000 And Expected Iron From The Mine During Its Life Is 5,00,000 Tones. If The Iron Is Taken Upto Four Years As 2,00,000 Tones, 1,50,000 Tones, 100,000tones 50,000 Tones; Calculate The Depreciation Of The Iron Mine.
  3. Write Short Notes On Matching Concept & CURRENT ASSET RATIO
  4. Define Marginal Cost And Marginal Costing & List Out The Advantages Of Marginal Costing
  5. List Out The Merits And Demerits Of The Discounted Cash Flow Method. Define Cash Flow. Highlight The Steps Involved In The Process Of Cash Flow Statement Analysis
  6. What Is Meant By Depreciation? What Are The Reasons For Depreciation & Explain Two Types Of Depreciation.